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Flashback Friday: Remembering the Goodness of God

I was showing some pictures to someone after Thanksgiving lunch yesterday from when we were adopting the kids. Later, I began reading old blog posts from before, during, and after we adopted. It all seems like a different lifetime, really, […]

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Blooming Where You Are Planted

I was going to name this post – “What it’s like to move/live overseas.” Really, though, the things that the Lord has been teaching me really have nothing to do with living overseas. Overseas means something different to different people […]

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Adoption is Rescue

Ethan and I have this ritual that he started some time ago that I sit beside him on the bench, and he snuggles into the crook of my arm and I feed him his yogurt at breakfast. It happens again […]

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News from the Field in Ukraine – May 1, 2020

News from the Field The Malones Family in Ukraine May 1, 2020 Ethan is going through one of his difficult spells. He has some physical issues that make him very uncomfortable periodically and he turns into a rather malcontent little […]

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