Day 21: 30 Days of Gratitude

Today, I’m grateful for rest.

Not because I feel rested. In fact, I’m in a season of going to bed exhausted and waking up exhausted.

As I felt like I was crawling into church this morning, I sensed the Lord saying, “I want you to rest.” That’s a loaded word. Rest. Physical — Mental — Emotional — Spiritual.

I’ve gone through times when I have kept a sabbath rest, though it’s never been on a Sunday. I can’t call Sunday a workday because what I do on Sundays is life to me. But it definitely can’t be called a day of rest. But I have gone through periods when I took a sabbath rest on Mondays or sometimes on Saturday. It has been a long time since I have done it, though.

I have spent much more of my life, however, running from one thing to the next with nary a moment between. When I was younger, I kind of carried that as a badge of honor. The older I get, though, the more I realize how that is not honoring to the Lord, to my wife, to my children, nor to myself. However, for some reason, I have always equated rest with laziness. I have no idea why. What usually happens is that I go and go and go until my body says no more, and then I end up sick in bed, or my back will not allow me to move. Not exactly rest, either.

He reminded me this morning to rest. So, this week, I’ll be thinking about how to make that happen.

Today, I’m grateful for rest. May the Lord grant me (and you) moments of rest this week.

Chris Malone

Chris and his family serve as missionaries near Kyiv, Ukraine. Chris and his wife, Mary, have nine children. Five of their children have Down syndrome and four of those are adopted from Ukraine. Their four older children are in various stages of starting college and starting careers.

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