Day 24: 30 Days of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful for adoption. Not our adoption of four of our kids, although I am certainly grateful for that, too.

I am grateful that I was adopted by my Heavenly Father — the God of the universe — the Creator of everything — the King eternal.

As I have thought of this, today, I am encouraged because God doesn’t consider me something less because I’m adopted. I’ve looked at our adopted kids, today, and marvelled that I don’t consider them to be adopted, and I never actually think that they are not part of us. In fact, I sometimes see one of them do something and think, “Oh, that’s from my dad’s side of the family.” Or, “That just like Mary’s brother.” Etc. That’s a sign that in my heart, I consider them a Malone, through and through. And the Lord has encouraged my heart as He reminded me that that’s how my relationship is with Him. I’m His son. Not His adopted son. His son.

Praise You, Lord, for Your kindness to me. Thank you, that You are my Father, and I am your son.

Chris Malone

Chris and his family serve as missionaries near Kyiv, Ukraine. Chris and his wife, Mary, have nine children. Five of their children have Down syndrome and four of those are adopted from Ukraine. Their four older children are in various stages of starting college and starting careers.

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