Day 7: 30 Days of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful for the Gospel.

I preached last Sunday and the theme was, “What is the Christian Life?”. Obviously, the first step of the Christian life is salvation. I went through the simple Gospel message during that part of the sermon. As I was talking, I thought about how simple salvation truly is. It is simple enough that a child can understand. But it is so complex that theologians will never be able to explain how it happens.

My dear friend, Boris Medyanik, who we lost to COVID-19 last year, used to say that John 3:16 was his favorite verse. He was someone who read through the Bible every year at least once since he was a boy. So, he knew the Bible. The reason he loved John 3:16 is that he said it was the entire Bible in one verse. It’s true. That’s how simple the Gospel is. One verse can summarize over three million words to fully explain how to receive salvation and to begin a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Most of the people in our ministry have not received salvation, and I speak about the simple Gospel often. It’s not the same sermon every week, but it always comes around to the basics. I am grateful that the Gospel message is simple. I’m grateful that I get to preach it. And I’m grateful that people are hearing it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the Word of God.

Have you heard the Gospel message? Have you received it as a personal messaged to you? If you have questions, CONTACT ME.

Chris Malone

Chris and his family serve as missionaries near Kyiv, Ukraine. Chris and his wife, Mary, have nine children. Five of their children have Down syndrome and four of those are adopted from Ukraine. Their four older children are in various stages of starting college and starting careers.

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